Axel Reiser

Axel is a well-known regional triathlon coach with a strong interest in youth development. Axel has a background in running and triathlon and he has extensive experience in triathlon coaching, in particular working with younger athletes.

Full Name: Axel Reiser
Known as: Axel

Background: I have started coaching with my mum in our local sports club at the age of 16 or 17. Most of my life I have worked with kids or teenagers in sport clubs (gymnastics, running, swimming and triathlon). I coach the high school aged triathletes in Christchurch for nearly 10 years now. At the same time I have work with adults since 1990. Most of my work is for commercial operators for bike guiding and other outdoor activities.

Coaching qualifications: TRINZ coach, Performance Coach Advance, Regional Youth Coordinator Canterbury

Coaching experience: started coaching when I was 17 - I coaches in gymnastics, swimming, running triathlon and all forms of skiing

Coaching goal: Help each athlete to reach their potential

Sporting experience: I am a skier, mountaineer, triathlete, runner - I ride MTBs and have played competitive soccer, volleyball, tennis - in simple words "I like to move"

Sporting goal: stay active

Sporting hero/heroine: Vegard Ulvang (Norwegian cross country legend)

Favourite recovery food: Sabine’s [wife] home made egg plant rolls



John Hellemans

There really is no need for an introduction for this legendary triathlete, and the coach to the multiple world champion triathletes and the Olympians. Dr. John Hellemans is also a sports medicine physician, and he is now back from a coaching stint in his native Holland where he was head coach for the National High Performance Program. He has been involved in setting up a talent ID program in Holland and he is keen to share his experience towards a regional development program in Christchurch.



Sam Petty


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Coaching goal: 

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