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Upcoming Races


JD Duathlon race 1
sunday 29 july 2018

A nice first-timers race on a racetrack. Completely flat with lots of turns on the bike. There are races for every age group.

jd duathlon race 2
sunday 2nd September 2018

The race venue is Rhodes Domain at the Tai Tapu end of Old Tai Tapu Rd. The domain is the large rugby fields as well as the entrance to the Tai Tapu golf club.

jd duathlon race 3
sunday 30th September 2018

We're making a return to one of the original homes of triathlon & duathlon. This is great course with a run that is 50% off road and a nice challenging bike course. There are races for every age group.


About Us...

President (interim) - Dorothy McPhail

Executive Committee - 

Dorothy McPhail

Mark Dineen

Edana Sparks

Administration Manager - Kersha VeiX

Community Liaison Manager - Tania Ohlson

Events Director - John Newsom

Coaches - Craig Moore, Andrew Abakhan, Cathe Grater, John Newsom, kylie cox and Axel Reiser

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