Welcome to the Canterbury Triathlon Club – the home of triathlon in Christchurch and Canterbury. 


It's exciting times at the Canterbury Triathlon Club as we start a new journey with our members and the community to improve and build our club!  Over the next few weeks and months we will be steadily updating our website so that everyone can easily navigate our pages and locate that all important information.  We acknowledge that there are many areas that require our attention, and it is critical we address this now, particularly as you may be planning training schedules in order to enter your first ever event (congratulations!), or chomping at the bit for the start of your new season!!  Our training, coaching, camp and event pages are currently being drafted for this exact reason, AND fantastic membership benefits are being finalised so that our current and new members can take full advantage of their privileges!
If you have any queries, ideas or feedback, whether on our webpage, or anything in general, please email Kersha Veix, Administration Officer, at info@canterburytriclub.co.nz.  Thank you for your patience.  We're looking forward to meeting you all and hope you'll be proud to be a part of our journey too!
One way to stay up to speed with club news is via our facebook page linked below - please "like" us, and feel free to comment away!