DATE: Monday 6th August 2018 

TIME: Registration from 8:30am, first race starts at 9:45am


  • Registration from 8:30am
  • Race briefing 9:30am
  • Start Times 
    • 9:45am All males
    • 10:00am All Females
    • 10:20am All Teams
  • Medal Presentation – as soon as possible after the last team finishes. 

VENUE: Ruapuna Speedway

DISTANCES: 2km Run / 10km Bike (draft legal for indiduals NOT FOR TEAMS)) / 2km Run - same for teams and all ages of individuals 

TEAMS: teams can be 2 or 3 students.

Race Age Categories: The age category for an individual is determined by their age on 1st January and for a team, it is the age of the oldest member on 1st Jan. Age groups are Under 14, Under 16 & Under 19

CONTACTS: John Newsom 03 669 2216 / 021 399 774

ENTRY FEES: Individuals $35 / Teams $45 (for the whole team)

Course Reconnaissance / Training Event: JD Duathlon Series July 30th is also at Ruapuna and will be using the same course



Race Timing: The timing for this event will be done manually and each entrant will receive a total event time only.

Medical: There will be a Medical Team on hand to deal with any medical issues that arise.

Race Cancellations: The race will be conducted on the day unless extreme weather conditions or other natural events prevail. There is no back up day but entries would be transfered into one of the later JD Duathlon Series events to ensure we do have an event. 

KEY RACE RULES - a full set of rules will be placed here before the event

  1. It is the athletes responsibility to know the course. Any athlete who cuts the official race course will be disqualified (DQ). The DQ will be enacted regardless if the shortcut was taken intentionally / on purpose or accidentally Athletes can ride and run a lap of the course before the race or better still compete in the JD Event on August 2nd to get to know the course. 
  2. DRAFTING - drafting is allowed in the individual race but not allowed in the teams race. Girls cannot draft off boys and boys cannot draft off girls
  3. In school championships disc wheels, tri spokes, wheel covers or deep rimmed wheels over 45mm (when measured from rim edge) are not permitted. There are no gear restrictions like cycling
  4. All wheels must have a minimum of 12 spokes.
  5. Only ITU legal aero bars are allowed for individuals (see point 6 below) for safety reasons. Teams can use aero bars
  6. Handlebars:
    1.  For draft-legal races the following rule on handlebars apply:
      1. Only traditional drop handlebars are permitted. The handlebars must be plugged;
      2. Certified clip-on handlebars will be permitted if they are not longer than the foremost line of the brake levers. 
      3. Straight forward clip-on handlebars must be joined with a standard bridge piece.
      4. Brake levers must be mounted on the handlebar, not on the clip-on and may not face forward.
      5. No forward facing bar or gear shifters are allowed on the end of the clip-on handlebars.

Course Details / Maps: 

RUN - the run will start in the car park and be laps of 1km (note the lap does not come all the way back to the car park). Both runs are 2km so 2 laps


BIKE - anti clockwise laps of the track 3.3km - so 3 laps = 10km