Becoming a Canterbury Tri Club member for the first time....

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Membership costs to the Canterbury Triathlon Club are below:

Our season runs from 1 November - 31 October each year.

Adult (Over 23) $105 - ($80 of this fee is our fee, $25 is the TriNZ fee)

Junior (16-23) $45 - ($30 of this fee is our fee, $15 is the TriNZ fee)

Youth (Under 16) $20 - ($10 of this fee is our fee, $10 is the TriNZ fee)

This membership fee gives you the opportunity to access quality training sessions at reduced prices (see our training tab here on the website), entry to all of our events with a discount of 15-20%, membership to TriNZ (worth $25) and the best part of being a member is  you get to meet like-minded people who could be potential training partners/friends for life!

We use an online system for our membership, sessions and products. This is called Mindbody.

In order to sign up on Mindbody for the first time you will need about 5 - 10 minutes to enter all of your personal and billing information. This is then stored on our database within Mindbody and whenever you log in using your email address and password in the future you will not need to change anything (unless you have changed address etc). It is just like signing up for anything else online. It is completely secure.

For the tech-phobes out there we have produced a document which takes you step by step through the sign in process. Click on this link for the Word document explaining how the sign in is completed: HELP WITH MEMBERSHIP

If you rate yourself as tech-savvy, please return to the Membership Tab above and choose ‘Mindbody Membership’, there is a link in there to follow to join us!