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Talent ID Day

CTA Talent ID Day is held annually to discover the hidden talent of future champions.

Proposed schedule (subject to change)

Meet 9:00 and at Waltham Pool for Bike testing. I like to run same program as last year (UCI bike test with the 6sec, 30 sec, 3 min tests). In addition we will also look at building in the bIke NZ test (see attached document). 

  • 9:00 WELCOME

  • Bike Testing: 9:30 - 11:30: Bike power testing to be done first and warm-up is included (we use a combination of kickers and rev boxes - all senior athletes I like to test on revbox) 

  • 12:00- 14:00 Lunchbreak  + talk (thinking of Rosa Flanagan + follow up with her with a practical cooking class prior to the November Camp)

  • Travel to Nga Puna Was for 1500m track race.

  • 18:30: Meet at Waitaha Pool for swim testing: Main race is 200m with potential other race (senior athletes 400m + 100m for young athletes - Sam can you please take the lead on this one, thanks!)

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