The 2019 Cross County season which started on 13 April with the Hagley Relays has now finished for 2019. Cross country running is a great way to keep fit over winter.  You don’t have to be a fast runner to take part, we are out there to have some fun and you will get faster. There are both relay and individual events for all ages.  By biking to and from the event you are able to fit in your tri training. If you are interested in joining our Cross Country team in 2020, please email Dorothy on


The membership fee covers affiliation to Athletics Canterbury and the entry fees for  11 different relay and individual events held from April through to September so is very good value.  It also means you are able to enter other Athletic Canterbury events as a registered runner.

Fees are as follows:
                                                         Tri Club Members    Non Tri Club Members
Senior                                                           $130                           $150
Youth (13-19) & fulltime Students                 $75                             $95
At this stage membership is not being offered for children under 13 yrs, however if there are children this age interested please let me know.
In order to get the most out of your membership fee you must be registered for the run club by Friday 5 April in order to take part in the Hagley Relays. 
All run club members need to run in a club singlet and ideally black or dark shorts. Run singlets cost $50.
Entry fees for the following events are covered by the membership fee.



Hello Club login for Run Club Membership: Hello Club Link

We have a new system for membership and payment called Hello Club. It is an online programme and will involve an initial 5 minutes of entering personal information, then you will be able to log on at any time and purchase your membership/products/sessions easily thereafter. This is the same system used for the Tri Club Membership, so if you are a member of the Tri Club, you will just need to log on using your email and password and look under membership for 'Run Club Membership'.

Instructions to assist with registering for a cross country event are as follows: 

Log into our Hello Club site with your username and password.

·       Click on Events tab

·        Click on the event you would like to be a part of

·        Log Out

Should you require a singlet you can order them through the products section on the Hello Club website.
 Any queries please contact Dorothy McPhail ph 3488062 (evenings)  cell 027 2907040 or email