Full Name: Craig Moore

Known as: Coach Craig, Dr Evil!

Background: Husband and father of a 2 yr old (with another on the way!), working background in Logistics Management and process improvement, also Bootcamp torturer, nutrition and lifestyle consultant! 

Coaching qualifications: UK Tri Level 1, NZ Tri Level 1 (currently completing NZ Level 2)

Coaching experience: 3 years in Europe and currently 6 years in NZ, all levels from beginner to Age Group World Champs. Focus on swimming as this seems to be the one weakness for people, but plenty of run and bike coaching too!

Coaching goal: To have Canterbury Tri' Club swimmers the most feared in all the land.

Sporting experience: Swimming since I was 2 (cried for the first few years but stuck at it), Canterbury Swim Champs many times, Canterbury County Swim Team, Canterbury Rugby League Representative (4 years), Southern Zone Rugby League Representative, NZ Age Group World Champs 2006 & 2008, and Mean as Coach.

Sporting goal: Ironman once the kids are older!

Sporting hero/heroine: Lisa Tamati

Favourite recovery food: Oooo can I say custard squares?  (actually Tuna on toast or a steak and chips after a race and a pint of Guiness!)